Two Cent Piece Mintages

The Two Cent Piece was struck at the Philadelphia Mint from 1864 to 1873. In the first year of release, the mintage reached nearly 20 million pieces. This would represent the high for the series, with each subsequent year seeing a lower mintage.

By 1870, the annual mintage dropped below the one million mark, eventually falling to just 65,000 pieces for the last circulation strike of the series in 1872. This issue is considered the key date of the series and commands a strong premium at all grade levels.

For each year of the series from 1864 to 1873, the Philadelphia Mint struck proof versions of the Two Cent Piece for collectors. Mintage levels ranged from about 100 pieces in the first year of issue to above 1,000 pieces in 1870. In 1873, the Mint did not produce coins for circulation but in proof format only.

Date Mintage
1864 19,822,500
1865 13,640,000
1866 3,177,000
1867 2,938,750
1868 2,803,750
1869 1,546,500
1870 861,250
1871 721,250
1872 65,000
1873 Proof Only