Composition and Specifications

The Two Cent Piece has the same composition as the cent of the time, consisting of 95% copper and 5% tin. This resulted in many two cent pieces later being melted down for use in cent planchets.

Each Two Cent Piece had a diameter of 23 millimeters, a plain edge, and a weight of 6.22 grams (96 grains). Like the other minor coinage of the time, the coins were produced at the Philadelphia Mint and thus carry no mintmark.

The Philadelphia Mint seems to have had some problems keeping up the quality of the two cent pieces. Many show die cracks, while a few doubled dies and repunched dates are known as well. These are not as avidly collected as in some other series although they still carry a premium and can be worth cherrypicking.

Most dates of the series are rare to find with full original coloration and carry a strong premium as such. A full red mint state set is a very difficult endeavor which should not be considered to be easy because of the limited striking period of this denomination.