1873 Proof Two Cent Piece

The 1873 Two Cent Piece represented the final issue of the short lived series. This date was only produced in proof format for collectors and not struck for circulation. Similar to other 1873 proof coinage, the issue comes in two distinct varieties. These are denoted as “Close 3” and “Open 3”, indicating the shape of the number “3” within the date.

The total mintage is believed to have been an approximately 600 pieces for the closed 3 variety. After the denomination was eliminated in July of the year, an unknown number of pieces were melted at the Mint. The open 3 variety is believed to have been produced as a later restrike, with an estimated mintage of 500 pieces. The closed 3 variety tends to be in greater demand, although both issues are rare and much sought by serious collectors.

Gems with original red surfaces are rare as most show scattered brown toning on both sides and are graded as such by the major grading companies.